ATLDowntownWest is a blog that provides real estate, community revitalization, and development news for West End, Castleberry Hill, Adair Park, Atlanta University Center, Ashview Heights, Pittsburgh, Mechanicsville, Vine City, and English Avenue.


About the Editor…

Alexander J. Chenault, M.S.Ed, J.D.

Alexander Chenault Al Gill ChenaultMr. Chenault serves as Editor-in-Chief of ATLDowntownWest. He is a graduate of Morehouse College, earned  his masters from City College of New York and also holds a law degree from Tulane University. In addition to teaching low-income adults and refugee students at a local technical college, he regularly opines and consults with community stakeholders, real estate investors and brokers on real estate, community development, gentrification issues, and public safety.

In 2017, he was appointed by the Atlanta City Council to the Proctor Creek Planning Commission, which runs through many historic westside communities. Previously, he worked as a legal/legislative/policy liaison to the City Council of New Orleans under the tutelage of then Criminal Justice Czar, James Carter. He also completed federal externships with the United States District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana under Judge Ivan L.R. Lemelle and United States Department of Agriculture, wherein he conducted legal research into black land loss for the Black Land Trust. As the Frederick Douglass Teaching Scholar at Bloomsburg University,  he taught and created courses in financial regulation and street law within the department of legal studies.

He is the author of two law review articles, Jones v. Bennet: The Bifurcated Legal Status of Early Nineteenth Century Free Blacks in Kentucky 5 Mod. Am. 32 (2009) –which has been cited and referenced in The Root by Harvard University’s Professor, Dr. Henry Louis Gates — and New Financial Regulation Reform: A Good Measure for African Americans 33 N.C. Cent. L. Rev. 123 (2010-2011), and the book, The Dark Side of Financial Regulation: Cheating the System through Securities & ERISA Fraud, Insider trading, Market Manipulation & Other Schemes.

In his private life, he’s a street art enthusiast, antique French furniture connoisseur, and the owner of the Gill Gallery in downtown East Point, GA. He stays politically engaged and vocally in favor of #BlackLivesMatter, affordable housing initiatives, and increased funding for arts enrichment, foreign language programs, and HBCUs.