Another New Park to Be Built in Vine City

It is being reported that a 4 acre park, Boone Park West,  will be built in Vine City.  This is the second park to be announced this year.  This past spring construction began on the Rodney Cook Sr. Park.

Boone Park West Compile (1).JPG

Boone Park West sit at the intersection of Oliver St. NW and Joseph E Boone Blvd. 

Construction of Boone Park West  will include the conversion of  a collection of abandoned and neglected parcels into a “positive, vibrant, and transformative public space” that engages the community in green infrastructure solutions, increases public access to recreational opportunities, provides jobs and training for residents, improves environmental quality, and reduces negative impacts of stormwater runoff, according to a report by Park Pride.

Curbed Atlanta and Saratoga Report both reported that the plans to create Boone Park West in the Proctor Creek Watershed. The plans show the proposed site will carve out space for the future home of the Atlanta Urban Ecology Resource Center (AUERC).

The new park is just one of many within the watershed that could help address issues of flooding in neighborhoods like English Avenue and Vine City. One of the primary purposes of Boone Park West is to control localized flooding around the park site and provide capacity relief for the sewer system around this westward edge of Downtown  Atlanta.

According to Park Pride officials, the park will be the third on the westside (after Vine City Park and Lindsay Street Park) built as part of the Proctor Creek North Avenue Vision for Green Infrastructure study completed in 2010.

Said officials in a release: “A key component of Boone Park West will be a green infrastructure amenity designed to capture, clean, and infiltrate at least 37,500 cubic feet of stormwater runoff from the surrounding streets, mitigating the recurrent flooding that has historically plagued these neighborhoods.”

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