Bulldozers, Hammers, and Hoes on Deck in English Ave

Tis the season to be jolly if you’re on the Westside. English Avenue, a neighborhood located just northwest of downtown Atlanta, has seen decades of neglect. However, two projects, within paces of each other along James P. Brawley Dr. NW, may be signals of a community on the come-up.

At 484 and 469 James P. Brawley Dr. NW, Quest Community Development Organization is building  affordable new construction single family homes. The move brings more homeowner occupied dwellings to a community with nearly 90% renters.


At the southern edge of this block, at the intersection of Jett St NW, is another planned  project, a community organic farm. Your Community Organic Garden is looking for volunteers and sponsors to help get garden hoes on deck.


Just across the street, bulldozers are clearing a previously blighted parcel for construction of new affordable housing.


2018 looks promising for the area. Quest Development has been actively improving and adding to the quality housing stock in Vine City English Avenue.  Blocks away, over on Cameron Alexander Boulevard, QCDO rehabbed an old 8-plex and created Quest Enclave, eight garden style apartments for previously homeless veterans.

QCDO’s $30 million plan, Quest West 2020, is to transform the intersection of Lowery and Boone into an intersection opportunity to “live-work-play-serve.”


Quest Nonprofit Center for Change & Quest West Commons


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